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Dear seafarers from all over the world,
we would like to provide you with many helpful resources on this website, which you can use free of charge.

Our ports

When you call at a port with your ship, you can check whether one of our seafarers’ missions is represented there. If this is the case, please contact the Port Chaplain. He will be happy to visit you.


Under this point you will find many helpful resources. You can download books and Bible courses as PDF files, written especially for seafarers. You will see links where you can download a Bible in your native language to your smartphone. There are interesting films, other websites with lots of spiritual content and excellent apps for your mobile phone.

Different languages

We also want to provide resources in your native language. Currently, you find resources in:

Church on the Oceans

This is a special offer for Christians who want to share the Gospel on their ships. A three-day course is conducted regularly in the Philippines to help you start a Bible group on board. A book, also entitled CHURCH ON THE OCEANS, is available for download.

Facebook connections

Here you can find FB pages where you can connect with other seafarers or discover other good content.

Getting help

Here are websites, where you can get help if you have problems.

We would be very happy if these resources serve and inspire you. And of course, we would be especially glad to meet you in our ports. We wish you God’s rich blessings.